Saturday, 27 August 2016

Listening and Hearing Theme
Queen - Radio ga ga
Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me
Smiley Lewis - I Hear You Knocking
Carly Simon - That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be

Wings - Listen to What the Man Said
Donna Summer - stop, look and listen
Stiff little fingers - listen
Roxette  - listen to your heart
Tom Petty - listen to her heart
Goldie and the Gingerbreads - Can't You Hear My Heart Beat?
The Who - Tommy can you hear me
Chad Jackson - Hear The Drummer (get wicked)
XTC - Are you receiving me?
The Cascades - rhythm of the rain
Jose Feliciano - Rain
Jon And Vangelis - I Hear You Now
Noooo! Serendipity Singers - Beans In My Ears

Denise Williams - Let's Hear It For The Boy
The Move - I Can Hear the Grass Grow
The Ink Spots - Whispering Grass (Don't Tell The Trees)
Comedy - Spinal Tap - Listen to the flower people
                 Anthony Newley - that noise
Low - When I Go Deaf

Wiktionary corner (da da-da da dah)- Octothorpe

Dionne Warwick - Are You There With Another Girl?

Snack News

Buddy Holly - Listen to me
E Rule - listen up
Fun Boy Three -  Our Lips Are Sealed
Jim Reeves - my lips are seeled
Beach Boys - (Don't talk) put your head on my shoulder
B.B. King - You Won't Listen
Nina & Frederik - Listen to the Ocean
Sinéad O'Connor - Thank You For Hearing Me

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Doobie Brothers - Listen To The Music
Simon & Garfunkle - sound of silence
Marvin Gaye - I heard it through the grape vine
Cameo - Word up

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

LLSC 25 August
Arctangent & Wunderbar

Fatboy Slim - Rockafella skank
Mothers - it hurts until it doesn't
Benjamin Francis Leftwich - summer
Wunderbar :( interviews
Ulysses - smiling

  ^ Last Wunderbar quiz with winning team, or rather Paul the winner...

^ L-R Gareth (Super Goliath), me, Barry (Oxygen Thief)

Super Goliath - DESTROYER DESTROY DESTROYED (interview)
Left side Brain - Exit route
Cleft - Alec Baldwin's Hair
Cribs - men's needs
Teenage Fanclub - I'm In Love
Stereo Mcs - ground level

Saturday, 20 August 2016

LLSC 18 Aug
Foo Fighters - the pretender
Bob Mould - Black Confetti
The Beat - Heaven Hiding
Imarhan - Assossamagh
Beans on Toast - I'm home when you hold me
Phil Cooper - Stepping off the edge of the world
Montroze - walking contradiction
Dynamite Pussy Club - crab bait
Fabian Maddison - need a dollar
Hayley Bonar - kismet kill
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - "Peasantry or 'Light! Inside of Light!'"
Axes - the one
Errors - Magna Encarta

Thursday, 11 August 2016

LLSC 11 Aug
Fatboy Slim - Sunset bird of Prey
Blossoms - honey sweet
Warpaint - New song
Wild Beasts - Big cat
OXygen thief - terry nutkins salute
Mark McDowell - died in love
Dynamite Pussy Club - power
Phil Cooper - Stepping off the edge of the world
American Football - never meant
Meet Me In St Louis - All We Need Is a Little Energon And a Lot of Luck -
Toe - Two moons
God Speed You Black Emperor- Outro

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Songs about Motorbikes - Club Gang etc

 Motorbikes! Club Gang etc

old new borrowed blue
ACDC -  Highway to hell
A.K. Paul - Landcrusin'
The Strypes - C C Rider (Live At King Tuts, Glasgow-2013)
Manic Street Preachers - Motorcycle Emptiness

Daniel Johnston - Speeding motorcycle
Motorhead - Iron horse / born to lose
Twinkle - Terry
Cornershop — Kawasaki (More Heat Than Chapati) 
Revillos - Motorbike Beat
David Essex - silver dream machine
Judas Priest - hell bent for leather
PJ Harvey - M Bike
Tanya Stephens - Big ninja bike
The Jesus & Mary Chain - the living end
Noooo! Be My Boogie Woogie Baby - Mr. Walkie-Talkie (Kick Start theme)

Chris Spedding - motor bikin'
Arlo Gutrie - Motorcycle song
Comedy -Jasper Carrot - Funky Moped
Meat Loaf - bat out of hell

Wiktionary corner (da da-da da dah)- Grimalkin

Byrds - ballad of easy rider
DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem (Radio Edit)
Serge Gainsbourg - Harley David (son of a bitch)
Lana Del Rey - Ride
John Carl Parker - CHiPs theme

Snack News

Neil Young - motorcycle mama
Steely Dan - Josie
Davie Allan & The Arrows - Blues' Theme
Jimi Hendrix - Ezy rider
Suicide - ghost rider
Saxon - motorcycle man
Dumpy's rusty nuts - boxhill or bust

Hawkwind - silver machine
Richard Thompson - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Shangri Las - leader of the pack
Steppenwolf - born to be wild

Thanks to Richard Harris the blood biker & SVFM DJ

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

LLSC 4 Aug
The Dickies - banana splits
Angel Olsen - shut up kiss me
Mothers - hold your own hand
Ulysses - smiling
The Bohos - leaders don't love you
Phil Cooper - Stepping off the edge of the world
Stone Cold fiction - irrelephant
Bow wow wow - c30 c60 c90
Deap Vally - smile more
Bear's Den - Auld Wives
Let's Eat Grandma deep six text book
Ezra Furman - haunted head